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QR Voicetags™™

QR Voicetags™™ are talking QR codes that you can add to greeting cards, gifts, almost anything. Call QR Voice from your phone, record your message and we will send you a QR code to print and attach to anything you wish. Anyone with a smartphone can scan your QR Voicetag™™ and instantly hear your message, spoken by you.

In three easy steps you add a personalised 40 second voice message to Christmas cards and gifts.

Step 1 : Phone QR Voice and record your message. When our system answers, you will be prompted with instructions to record your message. No worries if you make a mistake, just record your message again until you are happy with the results. Once finished save the recording and end the call.

Step 2 : Print the QR Code we send in reply. Once you have recorded your message, complete your details on-line and we will send you your QR Code tag to the e-mail address you provide. Once received you can print as many times as you wish.

Step 3 : Attach the custom QR Code tag to your gift or card and send. If you've printed the QR Code tag onto labels, peel them off and stick them to your card or gift wrapping. The tags must be kept flat to allow correct recognition when scanned.

When your card or gift is received, the recipient can scan the QR Voice tag with their smartphone and hear your personalised message. This can be played as many times as they wish.