waiterPad™™ - always at hand; never in the way

waiterPad™™ - the electronic order pad system for restaurants. Fully integrated with Datasym and WRS Systems Point of Sale (POS) solutions or standalone for those that do not require a central point of sale.

Part of our uRRestaurant platform, waiterPad™™ is a modern hand held ordering solution that connects via WiFi to a restaurant’s hospitality system; recording and transmitting customer orders to preparation areas, as well as instantly updating central reporting where needed. Ideal for the growing Street Food market.

Using an iPod touch, waiterPad™™ enables restaurant or bar staff to effortlessly capture orders while at the customer’s side allowing them to focus more on customer service rather than the journey between table and POS terminal simply to process orders. This saves time, both for the restaurant and for the customer, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances profitability.

waiterPad™™ now offers secure chip&pin payment option tightly integrated with iZettle - one app, one advanced restaurant mobile solution

Go to our new hospitality solutions site, urrestaurant.com, for more information.

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