25 Years

First there was the printed page

Websetters. The only limits are those of vision

December 1998

Websetters Limited was born into the nascent world of the internet, helping organisations communicate, share and engageAt the birth of the book there were typesetters. At the birth of the world wide web we introduced WebSetters.

AppSherpas. Guiding you to your summit of mobile ambitions

June 2012

The launch of Apple’s iPhone 3G introduced a whole new world of what was possible. Always innovating around new technology, Websetters evolves into Appsherpas, helping guide those that wished to climb the peaks of this new world.

illumiBook Publishing. Bringing the printed page to life

October 2023

To innovate, we have always built on our many learnings and successes of the past. This allows us to proudly introduce illumiBook, seamlessly integrating the imagination of the printed word, reach of the internet and the magic of mobile technology.

The book has been reinvented