illumiBook F.A.Q.

For those video results that play as an overlay on the recognised image, it is still possible to play the video fullscreen. With the Play button displayed on image recognition, double-tap the button and the video will load and autoplay full screen. To close and return to the scanner view, tap the X button at top right of the screen. 

Display the publication library and choose a publication with which to interact. Tap the Select button against that publication and you will be returned to the Home Screen. Tap the scan option to display the scanner view. On first loading result media files will download to your device. Once the download is complete, scan an active image in the chosen publication. When recognised, a play button will display if the result media is a video or audio file. A linked webpage will display if the result is a web link.

Once you have finished interacting with a particular publication, you may wish to remove the completed media files from your device. Browse the library and tap the relevant publication to display that publications details. Select the Action button on the top right of the screen and an option to remove any downloaded media shall display. Select that option to remove the media files from your device.