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Bring your printed books alive
Reading is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you’re a child, a student, or an adult, there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good book. However, sometimes words and pictures just aren’t enough. Sometimes, you want to go deeper, to learn more, to explore the world beyond the page. That’s where illumiBook comes in.


What is illumiBook?
illumiBook is a revolutionary new product that transforms the reading experience. By using cutting-edge image recognition technology, illumiBook allows readers to access rich multimedia content directly from the pages of their books. Simply point your smartphone or tablet at an illumiBook-enabled image, and watch as videos, animations, and interactive content appear on your screen, overlaying the book image in real-time.


Who is it for?
illumiBook is designed for book readers and authors alike, with a particular focus on children’s books, art books, and cookery books. For children, illumiBook brings stories to life, providing an engaging, interactive experience that sparks their imagination and encourages learning. For artists and art lovers, illumiBook provides a deeper understanding of the artwork, with videos and commentary from the artist themselves. For students of the Bible we have the TWiQ series of Bible studies.


How does it work?
Using illumiBook is easy. Simply download the illumiBook app onto your smartphone or tablet, and point it at an illumiBook-enabled image in your book. The app will recognize the image and automatically overlay it with multimedia content, providing a fully immersive reading experience.


Why illumiBook?
illumiBook is the future of interactive reading. With its innovative image recognition technology and rich multimedia content, illumiBook takes reading to a whole new level, providing a truly immersive and engaging experience. So why settle for plain old books when you can have illumiBook?
In conclusion, illumiBook is an innovative and exciting product that will revolutionise the way we read books. Whether you’re a child, an art lover, or a foodie, illumiBook will take your reading experience to the next level, providing a richer, more engaging, and more immersive experience than ever before. So why not try illumiBook today, and discover the future of interactive reading for yourself?
Download the Sample illumiBook Pages.pdf to permit you to test illumiBook as we expand our library.