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Human Centred Design

Our approach starts with the people we’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs.

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Emerging Technology

 We specialise in adopting new technology or using existing technology in an innovative way to create solutions that have the ability to change the status quo.

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Citizen Engagement

 We have a wealth of experience in enhancing citizen engagement with smart city and IoT solutions to improve the users experience and collect insightful and actionable data.

For every solution we develop we approach the challenge using human centred design, this process is all about building a deep empathy with the end user; generating tons of ideas; sharing what you’ve made with our customers; and eventually releasing new innovative solutions to the world. With innovation at our focus we explore the use of emerging technology as it can be radically novel and fast growing and this helps us deliver innovations that exert a considerable impact within the market.




What We Do


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Location & Navigation

 Tracking and way finding capabilities to collect travel data and help users navigate unknown environments.

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 User focused applications to enable interaction and control of innovative solutions.

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Image Recognition

 Provide users with additional information or present augmented reality models  triggered by image recognition.

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User Profiling & Privacy

Comprehensive user account features to collect actionable data while complying to privacy regulations.


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Retail & Hospitality

 Offer product catalog for browsing and ordering, menu management and food ordering, table reservation and customer loyalty.



 Gain smart insights by collecting and recoding live data using bluetooth sensors, temperature & humidity sensors and proximity sensors.


Enhancing user interaction buy presenting and using collected data with wearables such as digital eyewear.

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Pollution Tracking

 Track individual pollution levels with our travel behaviour algorithm and analyse the wider impact with pollution sensors.

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Predictive Analytics

Comprehensive history of data is great but predicting the future is where the value lies. Predictive analytics turns your data into actionable predictions. 

Voice Recognition

 Using the power of speech to trigger complex tasks or get information. The smart way to engage with technology 


Automotive IoT

 Receive real time data on vehicle performance, economy and maintenance, allowing you to reduce pollution, enhance fuel efficiency and predict faults before they occur.

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Case Studies

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