What We Do

We have a great team of multi-skilled app developers that specialise in Apple iOS, Android as well as web app development. We work hard to consistently develop stunning and effective solutions for independent entrepreneurs, SME’s and blue chip global system integrators.

Over the years, we have developed and perfected a range of specialist skills and innovative solutions that can take your project to the next level:

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Our illumiEye™ technology utilises immersive technology to change the way we interact with the world. Whether you need a virtual reality solution to transport your customers to new exciting environments or want a solution that can give real-time relevant information about your physical surroundings using our augmented reality platform; we have the expertise and skills to wow your users.

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Award Winning Design

We pride ourselves on producing high quality solutions designed with the end user in mind. Our experienced design team create elegant and user-focused interfaces which have been recognised by industry leaders and awarded design awards from the likes of the Lighting Design Awards for our iDirect solution developed for remote lighting organisation RCL.

IoT & Smart Solutions

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Appsherpas has been directly involved in a number of commercial IoT and Smart City projects both in the UK and Internationally enhancing a variety ofenvironments from Airports and Shopping Malls to entire cities. Our experience has positioned us as leading experts in citizen engagement Smart City applications that facilitate interactions between the IoT solution and end users. We specialise in developing valuable solutions that collect, analyse and utilise valuable data to drive insightful change.

Bespoke Solution Development

We work with companies around the world from independent entrepreneurs and SME’s to blue chip global system integrators. We work with our partners every step of the journey to develop a solution that truly meets their needs by focusing on human centred design techniques to ensure every solution we create meets the needs and requirements of both the business and the end user. With our portfolio of skills we are able to build feature rich solutions encompassing many innovative and emerging technologies.


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